The Bond Family heartbreak

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I was going to post a recipe on brownies today. You know, just another easy Saturday. Then I came across this story about Nathan and Elisa Bond in BlogHer. And my heart broke. I was first astonished, then angry, and finally, heartsick and fumed at how unfair the Universe is. Cancer. Both of them. How statistically impossible is this? How unfathomable is it that a couple is diagnosed with cancer within 9 days of each other? A couple who have a beautiful 18 month old daughter?
I could rant and rave about the unfairness of it all. But I won’t. I could go on and wonder what life would be like for their beautiful Sadie. But I won’t. There are many who have written that story. Instead, I will take their courage and strength in dealing with this cruel blow, as inspiration to take stock of my life and all that I should be grateful for. To be thankful everyday for my good health, my husband’s, my son’s. For having my fantastic extended family and good friends in my life, enriching it in their own ways. For the opportunities I’ve had and will have. 
I will not complain about traffic jams, long queues at the grocery store, rude and insensitive service staff at restaurants, how hot or cold the weather is, how little sleep I get, and all other trivialities that used to bother me. I choose to embrace life.

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To read and follow Nathan and Elisa’s story, go to their blog, to donate, click here. You can also go to their Facebook page run by their friends. 




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