The baby shower wishlist I wish I’d thought of earlier

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I had a baby shower of sorts. Not one to celebrate, throw birthday parties and such, I initially rejected the idea of having a baby shower. One of my dear friends insisted. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to see everyone before I headed off for a 2 month stay in Australia for the baby’s birth. I did however, insist, no gifts. And no games. And no party favors. Just food. And cupcakes. Some of my friends did show up with some lovelies for the baby – books, baby bath stuff and oh, a balloon.

Which is fine, really. I didn’t mind. It was nice to see the girls.

Of course, this was BEFORE my obsession with looking for cute gifts online. And I thought, what the heck! I wish I had compiled a wishlist and done a proper baby shower! Who doesn’t like presents?

So I present to you, my wishlist! Not that I have a baby on the way. But maybe we should really look into that…..

1. Puj Baby Tub

When we brought the baby home, I was terrified of bathing him. I was afraid I would drop him, my precious-fragile-as-glass-baby boy. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law, who showed me how to bathe him safely, in a sink. But new mums out there who simply have no idea, you now have the option of owning this, the Puj baby tub. It cradles the baby and gosh darn it, even keeps them warm! Go on, put this on your wishlist now!
Three types of bath washes and a washcloth! Gorgeous!

Lest you think I only care about bathing babies, this is on my list too. Something for Mama! A body scrub for tired new mums (okay, fine, I am obsessed with bathing). Ingredients include shea butter, coconut, honey and aloe. What’s not to love?
I can’t tell you how much our activity gym occupied the little Monkey in the early days, before he could sit up (oh my, he can walk now, *sniff*). This one from Baby Einstein fits the bill for me. 
Made of solid maple and finished with organic flax seed oil, this beautiful handmade wooden stacker teething toy ticks all the boxes for me. It’s not only good for gnawing, it helps develop fine motor skills, sequence and problem solving skills. Nice, no? And I’m a sucker for lovingly handmade toys.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to talk to the husband about having another. Just so I can get nice gifts. Heh.



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