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Apparently there is such a thing as Sisters Day. It’s ‘celebrated’ on the first Sunday of August, which will make it 7 August this year. However, 26 April is the day I choose to ‘celebrate’ my sister.
My sister has been mentioned here a few times, once in my coffee story, and most recently in my post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop about something students should know. You’d have gathered that we’re pretty close. Well, we are. We haven’t always been peachy but we are in a good place right now.
So why 26 April, why today? 
Today my baby sister became someone’s wife. 
Today, she signed on the dotted line, promising to love and to cherish. 
Today, I am not there in India with her.
Today, I do not get to witness my sister take a big step and pledge a lifetime commitment.

Today, I am not going to be in her wedding photos.
Today, I do not get to raise my glass to her in a toast and make a touching speech.
Today, I do not get to hug her and congratulate her.
Today, I cannot be her big sister.
Because I have a toddler who still needs his Mama. A toddler whom Mama cannot bear to leave even for a few days. And so…..
Today, I celebrate my sister’s big day in small ways.
Today, I sent virtual love and light her way, hoping she’ll see it.
Today, I have her in my thoughts and hope she feels my presence.
Today, I declare it Sister Day.
Today, this post is for you, my dearest sister. 
Congratulations and may your marriage be the happiest place on earth for you. Oh, and I’ll totally kick your husband’s butt if he doesn’t take care of you. 
Love you!



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