Rain or shine

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Tropical weather? Do you love it? I don’t. I’m sweltering. Well, I was. Oh wait, no, it’s storming. Oh, it’s stopped. That’s the weather in Malaysia. Hot hot hot in the daytime. Then huge tropical weather storms.
I could sit here and whine. Or I could fantasize about all the things I can do on a warm, sunny day, and the fun stuff I could do when it rains.
Warm weather fun things 
Picnic!! It’s hard to believe, but I’VE NEVER BEEN TO A PICNIC. And it’s on the list of things to do with my toddler. So I say it again, picnic! Soon! 
Beach!! Who doesn’t love the beach?
Boracay beach, taken by me, 2008
Ice cream. Lots and lots of yummy, creamy, delicious ice cream. 
I want to jump into a cold, delicious pool. Right now.
No words are required for this!
Photo by Maggie Smith

Rain, rain, rain
It rains a lot here in Malaysia. Torrential downpours. So what is one to do? This is what I’d do.
Teddy bear is optional.
Come rain or shine, it’d be alright. Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that. 



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