Of a lizard, strawberry sours and a flute

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Alas, I have nothing. I struggled with the prompts this week. I briefly considered the vlog prompt, but just as quickly, decided against it. I am not so brave. Or eloquent. 
Instead, this will be a rambling post. One that’s really about nothing much.
Look, I drew you something.
I didn’t say it’d be pretty. 
In fact, it’s pretty gruesome.
It’s fairly common in Malaysia, to have a lizard in your house ( at least that’s what I tell myself). It is also fairly common to not see a lizard when you’re opening and closing cabinet doors with wild abandon. 
This will usually result in what you see in my poorly rendered picture. I did not take a photo as I was too grossed out and traumatized. 
My husband had to remove the body and clean the remains of the lizards’s head off my cabinet. I couldn’t go near it.
No, I am not trying to illustrate the lizard’s former head with this shot. I am merely showing you these awesome Strawberry Sours from Haribo. Damn they’re tasty. 
And, no, I am not trying to illustrate the lizard’s dead body with this flute. This is a handmade flute from Egypt. The husband bought it on a recent trip for the Monkey. 
The Monkey is TERRIFIED of this object.We don’t know why.
But we do know that if you wave it at him, he runs away. It’s a pretty good device to use if you don’t want him to touch something or go near an object.
Speaking of the Monkey, this picture is a result of him snatching my phone and clicking the camera function. 
Yes, that is me in the background looking er, I don’t know. Puzzled? Bewildered? WTF? 
In any case, the Monkey takes pretty good pictures for one so young.
And that is all for today. I’m sorry if you too, have the gruesome image of a dead lizard in your head.

Editor’s Note: I’m linking this post up with Adventures in Mommyhood’s Sunday Funday.

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