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Last week in my recap, I mentioned that exciting things were afoot here at Mama Wants This.

I’m really excited to be contributing to World Moms Blog and my first article is OUT!! Do go check it out HERE. I talk about how my Monkey is growing so quickly and particularly his progression with talking. 
What is World Moms Blog? It’s a blog written by and for mothers around the world. Here, you will read about how women across the planet are mothering, how their lives are similar or different from ours, what’s on their minds and expand our horizons into corners of daily life around the world. Sounds good right?
If you’ve been following my little blog (and I’m so humbled you guys), you may notice that the style of writing for WMB might be a little different. Yes it is. The whole idea about writing for me is to constantly seek to write outside my box, so to speak. I want to challenge myself a little. Hence my regular contribution to WMB should hopefully help me be a better writer. 
So, please do go have a look at my little piece of the Internet, won’t ya? Thank you!



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