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It’s always nice when people read your blog. Even nicer when they comment. And really, that’s all a girl needs right? So how awesome is it when someone gives you an award?! Super triple awesome, in my world.
Thank you, Amie from And We’re Off To… for awarding me this Versatile Blogger Award. You should totally go check her blog out if you haven’t. She takes her kids traveling. Everywhere. That is almost mind boggling for someone like me, who barely survived a 10-hour flight with a tired 7 month old. So here it is –  the award!
As part of receiving this award, I have to bore you with even more details about me, 7 to be precise (as if you haven’t read enough from my About Me page), and award The Versatile Blogger to 15 bloggers I like. 
7 me factoids
1. I was a tomboy as a kid. I used to tuck my hair into a cap and say, “Girls suck!” I have since changed my mind.
2. I have the world’s most awesome mother-in-law.
3. I make really good Bounty Brownies. Just ask my husband.
4. I have watched every season of The Biggest Loser.
5. I used to be a prolific letter writer. Now, my penmanship has gone to shit.
6. I love collecting cookbooks.
7. I’m a neat freak, bordering on obsessive compulsive!
And the 15 deserving people are…..
1. Mojito Mother – Caz is Australian who took a 5-year honeymoon. How cool is that? She is also a teacher, a mother and a travel-preneur (I totally made up that word).
2. Momalog – Funny from start to end. Love love love this blog!
3. From Corporate to Domestic – Natalie said buh-bye to her corporate world and exchanged it for all-day baby smiles, cuddles and all things nice about being a stay-at-home mom!
4. The Three Little Piglets – Jen is a Navy wife who shares yummy recipes. Need I say more?
5. Life as 5 – I like Lindsay’s say-it-as-it-is attitude in her blog. Loved her birth story wars post!
6. Raising Rockstar –  Shoutout to my fellow Malaysian, now living in Hong Kong with her little rockstar.
7. Amomaholic – She’s only 21, but boy, is this young lady mature. She’s also a mom-to-be!
8.  Musings of Motherhood – Sarah is a writer and her blog is really good. Go read it!
9. My World Made by Hand – Any woman who makes things with her hands, gets my vote
10. Whimsy & Whirl – Tenetia crafts too! And she has 2 gorgeous kids 🙂
11. The EMT Mommy – Kirsten is a volunteer EMT and a mom. She shares some really interesting insights into a life of an EMT
12. The Bumble in the Bee – One of the prettiest blogs I’ve ever seen
13. The Adventures of J-Man and Millerbug – Mom of 2 boys Jeannette has some great family stories!
14. Casa de Celli – Heather has the cutest little boy! And I love her blog name
15. Get Real Mama – She describes herself as a mac and cheese mama – what’s not to love?
16. Keeping Her Cool – Colleen is a mom of 3 and a part-time radio DJ. She certainly keeps her cool!
I’m aware I have 16 up there. I can count. But I love them all! I’m not much of a rule follower anyway, as you can see from here.

Now, I’ve got to tell all these lovely ladies about their award! I love being the messenger of good news!



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